10 Interesting Secrets About Bhallaldeva Of Baahubali 2, Rana Daggubati!

Handsome, muscled and tall Rana Daggubati has enthralled the audience with his greedy and manipulative character of “Bhallala Deva” in Baahubali 2. In order to achieve that perfection, the handsome hunk indulged in months of weapon training and physical training; hats off! Playing the role of a villain is not so easy, but Daggubati did it so well that he has gained the trust of many industry experts.

Just like Prabhas, even Daggubati’s market value has increased after the film; this machismo and flamboyance is what makes him stand out among fellow actors.

Girls are falling for Rana and it seems, he’s their new love. Let’s delve deeper into his life and learn some unknown facts about him.

1) Earlier too, we had reported about Rana being blind in the right eye; The actor had revealed that even though he has got an eye transplant done, he can’t see from the right eye when the left one is closed.

2) His father Daggubati Suresh Babu is a famous producer; Rana could have got big offers easily but he chose the difficult path. Before acting, he worked as a visual effects coordinator for 4 years. In 2010, he stepped into acting and made his debut with the film “Leader”.

3) Just like Prabhas, even Daggubati underwent a major transformation. For Baahubali: The Beginning, he had to maintain a weight of 110 kgs, but for the 2nd installment, he had to lose 22 kgs. No doubt, Rana was super successful in this.

4) Rana’s favorite sport is Kabaddi; he is also the brand ambassador of Star Sports’ Pro Kabbadi league.

5) Rana Daggubati believes in charity; many of you must not be knowing this, but once, he had participated in a show “Memu Saitham” which asked celebs to resort to odd jobs for helping the needy. Daggubati turned into a coolie and donated whatever he earned out of it.

On screen, we found Rana to be aggressive and harsh, but in reality, he is completely the opposite. His close ones say that he can’t watch emotional movies; since Rana is soft-hearted, he ends up crying.

7) Rana Dagubbati always loved to do stunts; in order to master them, he attended a stunt school in the US.

8) Rana has an obsession for shoes; it is said that he purchases few pairs wherever he goes.

9) Rana the biggest foodie! He loves hogging on different varieties of foods; when the actor went on a vacation to Japan for a week, he explored all possible places and cuisines there.

10) He is a graduate in Industrial photgraphy; some reports say that Rana always wanted to do software engineering.

We are sure you are surprised by these facts. Share your views with us in our comments section below.

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