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The Toltecs are a people who rose to prominence in central Mexico between the tenth and twelfth centuries CE. They built a stunning capital in Tullan, known today as Tula, which is seventy-two kilometres North-West of Mexico City. They passed on their heritage to the Aztecs, who revered them for having a prosperous civilisation and even claimed descent from them.

With such glowing praise from the biggest known tribe of Mexico, let us look into what the Toltecs have to tell us. When these agreements are understood, people have new possibilities in life and get excited by these. Particularly the areas of happiness, love, and respect for themselves and their relationships. However, people do tend to forget about all the challenges and obstacles the mind has for living just ONE of the agreements. Don Miguel Ruiz, the grand master of Toltec spirituality and neoshamanism, touches on said challenges but people concentrate on the agreements themselves and miss out on other key information, which makes it rather likely to lead to disappointment, frustration, and “This does not work!”

Why is it so hard to do? Over the years, we do not pay attention to how we express ourselves and have our own personal automatic responses. These are out of habit and, because of this, the expressions in our words, emotions, tones, and attitudes are not our conscientious decisions. Not to worry; these mind habits do not have the power to stop the commitment of adopting the Four Agreements if you do not let them. Also, do not forget that, because you already have set habits subconsciously in the mind, it is very difficult at first to be able to keep to the agreements all of the time.

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